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Facilitated Therapy Counselling and Psychotherapy Offers:


Individual therapy
Online therapy

Face to face therapy is an opportunity for client and therapist to meet in a weekly sessions in person. Many clients choose the way as they preffere to set a particular time and place for therapy. It is also usefull in process of therapy as it allows for full exposure and visability of body language and vocal tone.

Face to face therapy alows for the opportunity to use objects and art to reflect on thoughts and feelings.

I offer therapy sessions in therapy room based in Maidston.

Online or virtual therapy can be as effective as face to face therapy in its results. It can be an effective supplement for busy lifestyle where travel to a therapy room is not geograficaly possible, challenging or costly.

I offer weekly therapy sessions on Zoom platform, all you need is laptop, or any other electronical device. 

If in need of twice weekly therapy 

that is also possible to arrange.

Counselling and Psyhotherapy

You may be going through a difficult time in your life and be asking yourself what it is that doesn't work for you right now. You may have feelings that are difficult to contain. Starting therapy is not always an easy decision to make, talking about difficulties, past or current issues can lead to feeling of vulnerability and insecurity, however within a therapy dinamics this process can bring greater understanding and become empowering to you in order for you to progress in the direction you want.

Counselling and psychotherapy is a personal journey that provides time and space to work through and process difficult feelings and emotions, a space where I can help you find a way forward.

I will support and facilitate you with a safe, non judgemental, empathetic, confidential and professional therapeutic space. In therapy we will work together towards unblocking any unresolved emotions, trauma, or grief or any other issues you would like to focus on.

I believe that no one should be experiencing difficulties alone.


I offer therapy on a short and specifically on long term basis depending on your needs.


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